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October 02, 2006


I see where you are coming from. Although pedophilia is an important crime, the gutting of the US Constitution is more important in the long run to more people (all of us), yet gets far less exposure. But I'll gladly take any course available to get rid of the ruling regime.

Personally, Freude, MissC, I think they go hand-in-hand (no pun intended and you can refer to my blog for an explanation).

Although pedophilia is an important crime ...

Interestingly, this is one thing that Foley didn't do - Greenwald explains that the sex act that Foley, er, was trying to arrange would not have been illegal in DC. I linked to a later post of his that discusses whether the solicitation is illegal under federal law (maybe yes, maybe no) and why that's not the real issue.

Wouldn't it figure that things that are ILLEGAL in the rest of the country are NOT in DC! I wonder WHO can arrange that sort of thing? OK OK, but wasn't it Foley who pushed through a "lewd messages to minors on the internet" law? Even if he can wiggle out of that, the entire lot of them should be called on the carpet for endangering a minor (probably more than one).

Criminals...One and All.

Predators...One and All.

Liars...One and All.

GOP...Almost to the One.

November is getting more interesting every day!


Pedophilia is illegal in DC.

The page, however, was above the age of legal consent, which in DC is older than in many states.

Woot! Drudge blames the pages!



Foley's behavior is that of an experienced sexual predator of minors who knows full well how to groom his prey to become his victims.

Bad thing is that no one has confiscated his computer; rather, they've given him days and days to scrub it.

Wonder what Denny Hastert and Closet Cupcake Karl do for fun?

A little research has revealed that Mr. Foley was a Democrat before he switched parties. Now, if one agrees that it is unlikely that he developed his attraction to young boys during his relatively short (since 1994) time in office, it follows that Foley was a pedophile while still a Democrat.

Thus, simple logic demands that this is all Bill Clinton's fault!

actor212, the law which applies here is the Internet Perdator law. That means if an individual is over18 you can say anything but if UNDER 18 is a felony. And Foley was one of the laws sponsers. Talk about irony.

Karma can be a mean bitch, can't she? They took us to hell and now they are in it too.

No big old pile of excuses and bullshit will make this go away.

True Druid and the irony is amazing.

I'm enjoying this like nobody's business. Can you imagine the scrambling and the finger-pointing and the huffing and puffing, the shredder must be working OT and you just know the valium's being passed around.


The devil rebuking sin. Anchor.

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