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October 04, 2006


This is the funniest post I've read thus far on this increasingly Wonderland situation. Thanks for a very satisfying laugh. As for me, I blame the whole mess on that Mayflower bunch.

Things get curiouser and curiouser as you go further down the rabbit hole.

No pun intended. really.

Very nice roundup, and nice post. I can only imagine what that lone wingnut is going to do...

WOW! That is one of your best entries EVER Blogenfreude. I'm going to have to reference this. I'm sure you won't mind. ;)

I did a roundup too, but yours is MUCH more entertaining. Tina's got a scathing one as well. Great minds think alike, eh? There's just so much great wingnuttery going on. GOP = the party of no personal responsibility.

You can't make up stuff as surreal as the bilge they are spewing!

Didn't anyone blame this on Sponge Bob & Pinky?

Or Teletubbies?

Ben Stein needs to get the Jaws of Life to remove his head from his ass (and perhaps his career from the gutter, too) and he desperately needs to use some of that Clear Eyes he's been hawking to wash the GOP bullshit outta his peepers.

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