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October 03, 2006


Tom Cruise to the rescue!

I'm amazed that Foley thinks the religion that features Cruise and John Travolta would somehow inoculate him with the anti-gay gene...

There's too much rightwing scandal going on.... can't. ... keep ... up.... losing... power....

Dang! We always get 'thetan' mixed up with 'engrams'. Now where did we put our string and tin cans? We'll never evolve at this rate! LOL.

Dad, make Tom Cruise come out of the closet...Foley did it!

I've long asked What will it take? after yet another affront to all that is holy and sane comes and goes, leaving the sheeple no less complacent, no more aware.

Could this be it? I mean, what's left at this point?

Now With Thetans!


Sadly, Litbrit, I've come to the conclusion that the American people just don't care anymore.

Does anybody blame Foley?

I do.



Even Foley doesn't blame Foley!

He sure seemed to do a lot of things in the closet. He drank in there. He was gay in there. Guess he kept his computer in there too.

I thought it was funny last night when his lawyer, who seems to know everything about Foley, admitted he himself had not read the emails or the IMs. I would think that if he's going to represent the guy, he might want to know something about what he did. Perry Mason would have, I betcha.

But didn't you folks see O'Reilly last night? Foley was worse than gay, he was a DEMOCRAT!

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