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October 26, 2006


My vote is on Hewitt's comment....assuming the prick bothered writing it himself...

Gee...gay "unions" (not marriage) get a boost in New Jersey and these assholes are wetting themselves like it's become mandatory...

What I found particularly amusing was the plagiarism of Hot Air. Most of the post was word-for-word from the decision, but without attribution.

Nice work. How do you make it through reading all that filth without getting nauseous?

I agree with comandante, how the hell can you stand to do this? I would probably have to get dead drunk to do what you do without harming my computer. You don't harm your computer, do you?

Have a great weekend! :)

Actor, I live in Jersey and I hope it is mandatory. Imagine a Shore Chick, delivered to every blogger. No more writing time for this cowgirl - my wife's got demands! And don't get me started about what happens when straight guys get husbands and have to share the remote. It's as if Love were in the air...over the Turnpike...

I have yet to figure out how discriminating against gays benefits anyone, outside of distracting voters from the issues that affect them. That has to be the only reason.

How exactly does recognizing equal rights for all threaten traditional marriage?

The recognition of equal rights doesn't suddenly create homosexuals nor drive down the birth rate or whatever weird thing they are worrying about.

Do they think homosexuals have not always existed and will suddenly be created upon the recognition of equal rights?

Are they afraid they will somehow become homosexuals if equal rights are recognized?

What is the big threat? I'm just not seeing it.

Are they afraid they will somehow become homosexuals if equal rights are recognized?

Posted by: Dee

Yes. Just like we all turned black when the Jim Crow laws were abolished.

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