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November 23, 2006


WTF? There's bird shot in my turkey leg!

Happy Thanksgiving, blogenfreude!

Hey...that's a head. Watch out for that 'Mad Republican' disease!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Who gets the Pope's Nose?

Happy Turkey day!

Thanksgiving can be depressing unless you find something really good on TV. Fortunately, Discovery's running a marathon of the terrifying I Shouldn't Be Alive and it's almost time for dessert.

Ewww! I'm glad I didn't see that before lunch. Happy Turkey Day!

Oh my.

Before we eat this bird, a little prayer:

"Oh lord, we beseech thee, let us loose our swords and strike down the mighty enemies of America, those without and those within. Give us the wisdom to out-think those who would wrest this nation back to the broken guardrails on the right shoulder of the road, overlooking the precipice, and the strength to turn the wheel left.

In your name we pray, Go Fuck Yourself"

Happy Leftovers Day! I for one will be avoiding the mall like the plague. Then again, I haven't bought much at a mall since discovering eBay years ago. It's hard to look at a pair of shoes "on sale" at Neiman's for $300 and not burst out laughing when you can buy them online for a third of that price or less.

Fort that matter, it's hard to look at a pair of shoes with actual grownup contours when you've spent the last two days padding around in fat wooly socks.

Mmmmm...comfort food, comfort footwear. Screw shopping.

Hope your day off was sweet and relaxing.

Feed him to the sleen. Yum.

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