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November 02, 2006


I'm assuming that at some point in the next week, YOU'LL INCLUDE KARL ROVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

John Yoo is an out and out fascist. It still frosts me that UC Berkeley Bolt Hall gave him a gig.

Oh ya, do the damn thing, name em all! The real Traitors!

They'll lie like rugs about Kerry's comments, but.... everybody knows by now that they are liars, and that the Chimpromised MSM will help them lie.

This is only playing to the Chimpletons. For all others, it only serves to remind us of what the Chimperor got us into.

The GOP and their henchman have used a huige amount of ferocity in going after Kerry.

Hannity had the Swift Boat Veterans (remember them?) on last night. Macarena!

This confirms one thing.

The Republicans really have nothing to run on.

*stomping feet*

Rove! Rove! Rove! Rove!

The most important reasons for voting the GOP out of Congressional power are the people who have died in Iraq, on both sides of this corrupt and unAmerican war.

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