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November 24, 2006


we better not mess with Iran.

they have highly-trained deadly burka-clad chick ninjas!

Pretty half-assed Simpson's Trivia quiz.

Can we pass Sharia law that require bras for Pam and Debbie?


Glenn Beck is still sitting in a pile of shit after seeing that...

Ah well, they are looking at the bright side, even if they have to scrape the bottom of their barrel to do so.

I'm thankful that you do all this work to round up these comments so the rest of us don't have to. :)

Actually, I'm thankful for all of these dim- and half-wits, because they lower the grading curve for all bloggers.

Preznit gave me too much turkey. Me full.

Great round up, Blogenfreude! I am thankful that you expose your mouse to their taint so we dont have to go to these people for a laugh.

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