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November 08, 2006


The cleanup is not going to be easy after a scene like this. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the West Wing today. I haven't felt this good since I watched Argentina defeat Mexico in the World Cup.

Two words.

Woo hoo!

It'll be a blast watching Bush's speech today. After drinking a gallon of Jack Daniels last night (or is Bush more a Thunderbird man?) prez is gonna look like the Cryptkeeper. You just watch.

Fingerpointing....just another service provided by the low-normals at Right Wing Central...

My favorite moment of last night's coverage was when the guy from RedState.com was claiming a victory...

Because Lieberman won.

Okay, so let's get cracking overturning that veto!

This is what happens when you're convinced you are invincible. A lot of these folks have no experience in losing, and they are cracking ubder the pressure. Lets get civilized, shall we? People of all political persuasions can read the reactions.

not only did we lose, giant snails are taking over Barbados.

God, that's hilarious.

"I would love to be a fly on the wall in the West Wing today." There should be more than enough with all the BS piled up there. Maybe Nancy Grace or Glen Beck will fly by for a pick over of steaming entrails.

Gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat. That's all I'm doing today. Gloat gloat gloat gloat GLOAT!

I haven't figgered out how to do trackbacks yet, but I'm linking to this 'cause of the Santorum stuff. Amazing.

Shakes gave you a link too. xoxo

My comment at BlueCrab....

"So Republicans have fled to Barbados? Wow. Never thought they'd cut and run...."

Hahahah. I blame the Catholics.

Happy happy happy!

Ding dong! Rumsfeld's gone!!!!

Feel the urge to gloat? Why not take a stroll through The Hall of Losers?

today I'm as happy as Tiziano Crudeli.

Mission Accomplished!

Would Jesus gloat? Oh hell yes he would!

Thank you for posting so many excellent links. On *those* blogs is where we should all be spending our time. On those blogs we may be able to do some good. With all due respect to agitprop, time spent here, reading and commenting, is time spent preaching to the choir. Time spent on the blogs listed above may actually do some good. I challenge everyone who reads this to spend some time on conservative blogs. Confront conservative rhetoric, tear down their flawed logic. Don't be combative or harsh - be the voice of reason. I believe that readers of conservative blogs can be reformed, don't you? Go forth and influence!

Time spent on the blogs listed above may actually do some good.

Uhh... have you ever actually spent some time on those blogs, trying to do good?

Talk about preaching to the choir, let's go check all those blogs and see how many of them were predicting republican victories... that ain't preaching to the choir, that's divorced from reality...

Captain Ed? Catholics switched their votes because they're not fucking nuts. Comprenez?

Myrna Blyth? That's not mud. Get your sinuses cleaned out.

Finally our boat has floated in on the sea of blood of american soldiers. Too bad it wasn't a hide tide of 30,000 dead. As our almost president Kerry said they're dumb, torture crazy nazis and as such they should be executed. Make sure you send cards to the mutilated ones expressing your joy over the loss of their limbs. Support your local al-qaida in hope of more military deaths. The next step must be close cooperation with our freedom-fighter brothers-in-arms to deliver a well deserved and long overdue massive nuclear attack on the great satan and it's unwashed, ignorant minions. We can blame it on bush and on the republicans and have all the dead cast votes in '08. our noble goal to eradicate all who are not as enlightened as us, justifies all means. give them education or give them death! My favorite mengele action figure, "doctor" dean would have like to horde the evil republicans to the gas-chambers, but it would have been bad for the environment.
judgement day is here for the evil rich who dare to make more then 50G-s a year. make their children watch the beheading of their capitalist pig parents and broadcast it under the "public has a right to know" banner on al-cnn, the faithful servent of just stalinism.
finally comrade pelosi lifted her face from the puddle of terrorist's sperm and burped at us! child molesters and child murderers unite, your vindication is near! cindy shehan can prop a new dildo into to the partially cannibalized corpse of her dead son and ride-and-bite him again with utter joy.
your time has come, so be not afraid to declare, my heroic leftist: you, indeed, masturbate to 9-11 footage and darn proud of it. you are not a complete personal and professional failure because you are an emotional mess and a pathetic loser! it's the unjust, opressive, greedy, racist, world-destrying society's fault and those dispeakable subhumans on the "other side" whom keep participating.
hail genocide! down with overpopulation! may a thousand beslan help eradicate the children of christians and conservatives! we can not allow their primitive minds infiltrate our higher education!
finally we have a chance to deliver on our slogans: death to america (except liberal states and cities), death to republicans (unless they vote with democrats), death to whites (unless they're agree to reparations and open border), death to christians (unless they're liberals), death to oil companies (unless it's citgo), death to pharmacuticals (unless medicine is free and lawsuits are uncontested), death to carmakers (american only), death to drivers (50miles/g and below), death to halliburton (notify liberals to sell the stock), death to wal-mart (poor people should shop at bloomies), death to lumberjacks (unless the trees are used for paper to promote liberal cause), death to gunmakers (unless it's used to kill a conservative), death to military-industrial complex (stock alert), death to diebold (unless democrats win), death to developers (unless liberals can make money on the deal), death to talkradio (unless it's air america), death to religion (except islam) death to the police, death to the rich (unless you donate to liberals), death to smokers (unless it's weed or crack)
we respect nothing, contribute nothing create nothing. we don't have to. we are the anointed, the elevated and the progressive. we are entitled to unlimited power.

nice summation and very funny.

but what the hell is a petard?

we are the anointed, the elevated and the progressive. we are entitled to unlimited power.

Posted by: infidel3

Can I have your autograph?

Cuz I gotta figure you're going to end up in prison for some high-profile murder, possibly shooting up a school, at some point, and I want to say I knew you when.

By the way, thanks for the compliments, but you know, when you're a god already like me...;-)

Webb won because Virginia is crawling with anti-Semites.

awww, infidel3's a poor, lonely troll, and like most trolls, he projects that which his own party is most guilty of onto his opponents.

Infidel3? That post, right there, is why you lost on Tuesday.

You really HAVE TO add the little but horrible right-wing blog called "No Left Turns" to your list. They've got lots of blame to go around, and of course none of it has to do with the bad ideas and evil of the GOP or Bush! Here's an example:


They just LOVE to have lib and lefty commenters!! Come on over and visit sometime, ok??

Posted by: infidel3 | 11/09/2006 at 06:40 AM

nice summation and very funny.

but what the hell is a petard?

i hope it's not too heavy to hoist, I'm hernia -prone!

hey, comrades someone please fire the first shot already! agitprop, my ass! back in the good old days agitprop was a mean to an end. the revolution! wiping out the burgoies, the kulak, the clergy and all enemies of the proletariat. look at the list of blogs...blah blah blah, yap, yap, yap...do smething for marx's sake. put your money where your mouth is (after you removed it from osama's dick). there is no compromise, no agreement and no negotiation. all pipe dreams. every radical societal change throughout history was achieved by revolution. we don't beleive in god or any inherent value of human life so what's the big deal with a little thinning of the herd? we did it in germany, russia, china, cambodia with great success! for decades we didn't have to put up with opposition, having the nerve to doubt our superiority. evolution, baby, all the way! let's see who's the fittest to rule!

put your money where your mouth is (after you removed it from osama's dick).

Our money where our mouth is? Of course Infidel3 -we're implementing our evil Democrat plan even now - soon Hillary or Nancy Pelosi will knock on your door to give you a gay abortion.

I'm thinking InFidel stands for something he doesn't want to admit to...

Oooh, ooooh, Freude?

Can I have dibs on the stem-cell embryos? They go great in chili!

i have a great recipe for fetus-dumpling.

I'm sure you do, InFidel, you and your godless baby-eating Commie-bastard friends...I've seen Jonah Goldberg. I wouldn't let my penis near HIS mouth!

first of all, it supposedly removes wrinkles and women has a right to smooth skin. not to mention to do with her body as she pleases. is she would be eating her own tonsils you wouldn't be complaining. that reminds me, when I started my rent-a-vagina business i was harassed. how come they can do whatever they want with their body, except outsource it on an hourly bases?

dunno. ask the conservatives. they're the ones who are big on controlling a woman's body.

We should stay after these punks like Elie Wiesel hunted down Nazis.

pre-emptively, we should put them into gas chambers. better yet have our muslim comrades blow them up. all you have to do is get the blueprint from your local dept of building and safety and e mail it to the jihadist website. you might get lucky and they will do your dirty work. before you know you'll be an honorary muslim.

Thanks much for this. I was thinking of doing a similar roundup like this myself but I couldn't bear the idea of going into even one of those places.

You're a braver man than I, dude.

I blame Tom Tancredo ???? WTF...?!

I'd ask what Infidel3 was burbling about but his nick caused me to picture wingnuts in heels and sequins singing You Can't Hurry Love.

I'd ask what Infidel3 was burbling about but his nick caused me to picture wingnuts in heels and sequins singing You Can't Hurry Love.

Posted by: Tata


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