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December 02, 2006


Friedman believes the world is flat for god's sake. He is a total nit wit writing with a quill pen. Wheeeew, now I feel better.

Unfortunately, Friedman and his ilk drank deeply of the neo-con Kool Aid, that this would protect Israel. This was Lieberman's rationale as well.

Unfortunately, it looks more and more like Israel is dead meat.

Friedman is too stupid to consider seriously. His ilk couldn't run a lemonade stand-and yet somehow, they wound up in power.

Trust the same people who caused or endorsed the war to tell us what to do next.
Yeah, and I want to buy a used car from them too, because they seem so honest.

Your error is in not seeing Tom Friedman as one of our finest young comedy writers.

They can't admit they were wrong about ANYTHING. It's not the neocon way. They must say white is black if shrubco does. It's just how it is.

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