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December 28, 2006


I thought everyday was a "non-decisional" day in Bushworld...when it comes to Iraq. He can't even deciede whethur or not to put his dog down before saluting...

So, they are going to just sit around and dither dither dither while more soldiers die? Sounds like a plan. it's not like more Americans have died in Iraq than 9-11, after alll.... whoops! The have!

He has a hot game of tiddly winks going...

Strtegery..... it's hard work! You can't rush El Shrubbo, especially if he's had to skip his "Barney" show and his afternoon nap.

Well since he stratergerizing with Dick and Condi, I expect they will stay the course, escalate troop numbers and/or attack Iran as their way out of Iraq.

Looks like he just finished a yule log. HMMM

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