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December 03, 2006


Filtering these wingnuts through your sensibilities makes it easier to visit these sites and read for myself how seriously deranged these people are. Thank you.

Lots of desperate little right wing voices out there. They yell and now there's no one to listen to them but each other.

Lemme see if I unnerstand this:

Ace of Spazz thinks that a missile shield would prevent Al Qaeda fro bombing Los Angeles?

Or is he saying North Korea is Al Qaeda?

Silly Ace of Spades...he himself should know that the Jews run Hollywood. They would never allow sharia law to rule Los Angeles.

What? They want to ride Churchill's ass again?

"the new meme is Bush = Churchill" Actually, more like George Bush = George III of England.

I get all my news from associate professors in red states.

Ha ha! They've all lost their minds -- again!

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