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December 10, 2006


"Darth Cheney's lesbian daughter is pregnant (how did that happen?)" Elephants gestate two years---had to have been sometime in 2004. Probably by Immaculate wingnut inception.

I'm betting Hewitt. He's that kind of fuckpig.

Schlussel. That sounds way too authentic, so it better be real, Freude, or I'm calling in an intervention.

I always have to peek, just to assure myself that you aren't making all this up. These are some screwed up folks, to be sure.

Man with this list we could fill a hospital for the insane in no time at all.

Malkin: "Gwyneth Paltrow hates America!! Don't I look totally hot in this blonde wig? I should be an actress! I could so win an Oscar!"

you are far better than I to read their dribble

Damn. It was Hewitt; I would have bet with actor212.

Must be a East Coast basis thing.

Just more Dick Cheney genes out there to run amuck...it ain't fair!

Oh dear (chuckles, weeps).

Added you to my blogroll, please add me.

Ken, you actually checked?!

What are the nutcases at IMAO (sp?) up to?

Jesuski W. Christ.

Malkin appears to have gone over into a diagnosable phase of her "opinions." Coulter will soon enough have a run for her wingnut-fringe money.

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