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December 31, 2006


Happy New Year!

Second, Happy New Year!

Awesome roundup. I'm always taken aback by the utter lack of humanity on display in Greater Wingnuttia.

Happy New Year! We shall see you at Tartfest, correct?

you have more endurance than I, wading into those foul waters! If you don't mind Id like to make my plea here for a response to a possible Bush call for increased troop levels on Tues. Should this occur we here in Montana have planned direct action to show our rejection of this dangerously stupid policy and we are hoping that others around the country will also see this MOMENT as one to take a stand. Please get te word out as much as possible in such a short time and orgaize something in your area. Thanks.

Blogenfraud & friends-

Good Lord, do you retards ever stop crying? Seriously, several of the quotes posted on the ever-so-clever "Wingnut Roundup" weren't even stated as serious comments, but you just can't take it, can you? Does it hurt to go through life looking for reasons to be offended? It should...

//Please get te word out as much as possible in such a short time and orgaize something in your area. Thanks.
Posted by: troutsky//

They will if you promise to stop being such a whiny leftard & learn how to spell the words "the" and "organize".


Look, the troll must've run out of Cheetos and Vaseline.

Tennis, anyone?

The Wingnut Roundup has become a vital institution. It deserves it's own theme song - a quick jazzy number. I could picture William Shatner on vocals.

Oh my... poor troll. He can only criticize a typo. Typical, that. Not only did he probably run out of Cheetohs and vaseline, Tata, but mommie is probably calling him to come out of the basement and do the dishes.

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