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December 16, 2006


Ahhh, hummm

McCain has also been advocating an attack on Iran. Apparently the will of the people means squat to him.

After beating my family senseless with my naked ambition for decades, I've chosen to heed the advice of the man in the black suit who mailed me an envelope full of pictures of me, three dwarves and a Peruvian hooker. He said I was fully qualified to head the RNC and way funnier than Mrs. Mehlman. My family begged me to stay home and find Jesus through macrame, those losers! Idiots! If I have to, I can find Jesus in a La Perla padded bra, though I'm way cuter!

At least Bob Barr has some principles. He's the only right-wing guy I can remember speaking out against the Patriot Act.

I can't believe I actually liked McCain in early 2000 - whatever Faustian bargain he's made it sure is apparent.

On the bright side we can look forward to Tom Tancredo running on the Let's Lynch all Brown People party ticket in 2008 with Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist as VP.

OMG If people start to wake up the Anti Christ will be out of business and it will be down with with Happy Holidays!

I am sick of all of these freaks, Democrats and Republicans alike. The way they switch parties shows they all know what it means, they are one big party. One big giant clusterfuck of power brokers who have to switch sides once in a while to stay in power or regain it.


I volunteer to help you with the bra detail...


Here, get this. And that. And this other thing.

Wait. As you'd say on Wednesdays: "Here, hold my leg."

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