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January 22, 2007


I hope Colbert remembered to pull out Billo's "Falafel-In-A-Bag" he was warming up...

"some Clinton-appointed judge won't let Texans eat their horses - what's up with that?" Ass me again and I'll tell you no flies.

Talking like a soldier is not the same thing as supporting the troops, it's more akin to dressing up like a cowboy.

I love this feature. Keep 'em coming!

Is it okay to be scared and disgusted?

Batochio: as long as there is a full bottle of bourbon and mylanta at the ready...

Every time I look up what the conservative Blog site is about, I am told (I use Mozilla Firefox) by my internet browser that "I am leaving an encrypted area and that any information that I leave my easily be read by a third party"

Thanks for making you're sites so safe, Wing Nuts! The NRO site is particularly guilty as I had unwittingly opened and closed two pages that were encrypted. Lucky I never leave any information on wingnut web sites:

These are my reasons:
1)nearly all of them have some weird personae attached to them. *check out Captain's Quarter's if you want to look into neo-conservatism's brand of schizophrenia*
2)Their sites are almost always not safe.
3) They talk, speak, blog, and act as if there in another country. One where they are the sane ones?!
4) I laugh and get upset too much when reading the half-thoughts of half-truths with a half-life of the anti-depressants they should be on. Btw, the brand of neo-conservatism deserves a new name. I nominate pseudo-conservatism

Thanks for the round-up, Agitprop. I had a good laugh.

Sam Brown back is a freaking coward!!!! Why doesn't he ever turn on his fax machine to receive incoming faxes.....For someone who has written to each and every single member of the 109th Congress at least twice--a mailed hard copy letter and a burned CD was my first project costing me well over a grand of my own money and my second project included homemade post cards cost me about one hundred fifty bucks.... I find Sam Brown Back difficult to communicate with....I wonder why??? I still have a four page fax sitting here waiting for him... All my faxes to Madame Speaker Pelosi have gone through with little trouble the first time....I have been trying to fax Brownback for a solid week straight and his fax machine is definitely turned off--at least to people like me....I do want to give a shout out to my most favorite Senator in the Nation's Capitol and that is Senator Mary Landrieu....God put me on this earth to "snatch your wig off" every time you get contrary Senator Mary L. "wayward" Landrieu and trust me I enjoy every minute of it....I was there through all your pain and tears dear Senator....:o)

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