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January 27, 2007


NONE of these can compare to the nose hair trimmer they used to sell in infomercials.

I was dumb enough to shell out the $14.95, plus shipping and handling of another $15, for one.

It comes without batteries. To try to figure out how to get a battery in is impossible, as the instructions they give simply cannot be performed (something about having the midnight moon in September in Vanuatu).

Sorry, but I still maintain that doggie steps is a very good product, and i would buy one and probably will when my doggie's hips get to sore to jump up on the bed. But I can't get my mind around scented tires. That's pretty stupid. Of course, the U.S. consumers will lap it up like milk just 'cause.

Here are a couple more that have been languishing in my bookmarks, fake bollocks for neutered pets and casket furniture. I've added Doggie Steps, the Bumper Dumper and scented tires to the collection, thanks.

What happens if you drive through a pile of raw manure - will the tires retain their fresh lavender scent? These might be better on a bicycle, when you can actually smell them as you ride.

Scented tires? Just goes to show that no matter how ludicrous the product, someone will think it's a good idea to market it.

My nomination for most tastelesly named product is the Magic Bullet blender. D'ya suppose Ted Kennedy keeps one of these at his bar to mix drinks?

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