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February 10, 2007


There's a fine line between being critical and being prejudiced. I can get very agitated about Catholic dogma and doctrines. For instance the "pump out as many kids as possible" thing really rankles me.

Am I anti-Catholic? Hardly. I've many friends who're Catholic (or recovering Catholics) and I married a Catholic.

Why can't people realize the whole world doesn't consist of dichotomies? It ain't black or white, for us or against us. When will they embrace the wonder and beauty of gray?

Oh yeah, dumb question. That requires excercising the ol' brain.

Only Sith deal in absolutes, Spidy. That's the deal.

As for myself, I want to be Nader's blog master. That'd be sweet, loved his recent Daily Show spot.

I'm sure The Aristocrats could use you at the Kucinich Campaign. Just saying.

As a recovering evangelical Lutheran, I can tell you that Donowho is on the wrong side of the fence, attacking liberals.

Evangelicals will tell you that the Pope is the Anti-Christ and that we're just waiting for Jesus to sail back down and beat the tar out of him.

Me, I think the anti-Christ is Murray, the guy behind the counter at the bagel place on Broadway and 72nd. He fits the profile completely, right down to the rabid minions he waits on daily. The Mark of the beast? It isn't "666" but three little poppyseeds that he "accidentally" drops anytime someone orders an "everything bagel mit a shmear, Murreh"

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