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February 20, 2007


Can't answer your question. Sorry. If I quit slathering myself with moisturizing goo - as mandated by beauty law - I'm done for!

Maybe we've convinced ourselves that being connected, for instance by blogging, is the equivalent of getting out there and marching.

Who cares?

Which is your answer, as well as mine. :-D

By the way, on that Long Island story...did anyone wonder why his electricity was never shut off?

I think because so many of us didn't have to fight for anything or work very hard for anything. We didn't grow up during WW1, the Great Depressioin, ww2, or the Vietnam War.

So many of us disengaged from politics mostly fed up with all the bullshit from both sides and in a knee jerk rejection to authority.

I think apathy played a huge part in it in addition to the ever-growing number of ways to distract oneself from reality.

"who cares" is probably the truest answer.

Another possibility is that we are so busy trying not to conform that we refuse to organize because that's conforming.

He must have been a mummy's boy.


Tata - LOL!!!! "the laws of beauty"... brilliant...

Here's my theory as to why apathy is king.

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