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February 15, 2007


you look familiar. did we fuck once?

The Eschaton Blogroll party. You had me all convinced that you like, knew Ben Bernanke. The reason you might not remember me clearly is you were hitting on Wonkette at the same time. Who turned out to be a guy.

Really? She doesn't always.

Wonkette is now two guys, actually. Sandy was hitting on the NYU-dropout one, not the Asian lawyer one.

Remember when Pam was just an unfamous wingnut? I remember.

And you gotta love how how she treats her daughter! Quick, call child services!

Man, that blogroll party. No one has yet to claim the pair of panties I found in the parking lot. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you BlueGal?

Are you sure they weren't men's briefs? Cause I sent these back to Jonah Goldberg.

If they were orange, though, give Katherine Jean Lopez a call.

I don't think those are large enough to contain Doughy Pantload.

Ok - panties, Jonah and K-Lo in the same sentence are starting to make my stomach churn...

I went back and read your Los Defeatists post. And Pammy's post, too. And I cannot for the life of me figure out how a woman like that could be criticized for her spelling for over two years and not get a fucking spellchecker for her blog.

But as I've said many times about Atlas Shrugs. Correct her spelling? Feh. It's not like her blog is her face.

You gotta hand it to her. She's got thick skin. And a thick skull.

A thick skull and some mental problems.

I found her American Idol audition tape and the X-rated version of her site.

Must. stop. now.

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