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February 03, 2007


Any NON-DRAFTED soldier is a de facto mercenary. The reason we need to reinstate the draft is so that individuals can react to it.

*polite appluase*

Well-played, sir. Now, please get ready to have your personal information spread across the web.

Those contractors are mercs. Even they admit it after a few beers. Why Malkin is trying to be "politically correct" about it is puzzling, since in other matters, she shoots straight from her hip.

OK, it's from the backside of her hips, but you get my drift.

It seems to me this is the way the military's been marketing itself lately. I've seen plenty of recruitment literature in the past few years featuring money as an incentive more prominently than anything else, such as National Guard pamphlets that literally bear pictures of crisp, green bills right under the heading.

So the government seems to be fine with appealing to the mercenary instinct instead of one's sense of "service," anyway.


Which is why so many people were so upset with the way this war was run: taking the Guard and Reserve ahead of the regular Army forces means taking kids who enlisted basically for the tuition assistance and possible signing bonus, and throwing them on the front lines with minimal preparation and part-time training, as opposed to fighting this war with troops who train regularly (who get even better pay and benefits, to be honest) and then pretending we had our best forces out there.

And that's without even taking into consideration the myriad other reasons to be against this war.

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