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February 06, 2007


Haggart is a Christian terror-wrist!

Gay-B-Gone. LOL. Too bad there isn't a Redneck-B-Gone or Snakehandler-B-Gone for the high-ranking members of our government.

I suspect that George Bush could use a stint in rehab as well, or at least a few sessions with the reverends psychologists. Course he'd probably just emerge and say that the shrinks were eggheads.

Even if it was possible for Haggard's "Gay" to be exorcised in less than a month, it would still take years to remove the "stupid" from Bush.

Thats the thing... it wasn't a problem for them til they got caught!

NOw, they said it would take at least five years to "cure" Haggard...three weeks?


It's like that song, "Demon Alcohol", where they can't remember much anyway! ;0) "I can't REMEMBER having gay-sex for several years. Hmmm." That's why I call many of them "funnmentalists". You left-out Mark Foley and Duke Cunningham, by the way. Rednecks with too-much power and influence, but not the brains. Indiana Rep. Dan Burton is cut of similar cloth.


Add Pedophile-B-Gone to that list. Speaking of which, Ex-Rep. Mark Foley came to my mind first too:

So you've become a creepy pedophile. What do you do?
1. Step down; stop being a congressman
2. Say you're going to go into rehab - for alcohol
3. Beg forgiveness a la Jimmy Bakker
4. Claim you were molested by the Catholic Church (careful not to use profanity)
5. Disappear into the confusion

can I put your picture on my blog?

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