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February 19, 2007


Recommending Geraldo over Dana Priest, what a joke.

It's the kind, Debra, where the punchline is "No, just the heads."

Hey! Guess what? Yesterday was the 65th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 (a.k.a. Michelle Malkin Day)!!

Wow. YOu know they're starting to eat their own when they can't even find the same talking points anymore...

I can't believe K-Lo actually had something to contribute this week...and it was about Malkin's coverage of Anna Nicole. Um, K-Lo? Time to make the donuts!

"I think I found one day where there were fewer than 40 or 50 bodies found in Baghdad, so that means we're winning and Bush was right and you liberals have to shut the fuck up."

That one killed me... good on ya, Blogen! I still don't know how you are able to wade through the cesspool every week.

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