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March 09, 2007


Mission aborted

Curiously, he also defended free trade and usury.

You'd think those alone would get him carved into Mt Rushmore...

Regarding embryonic stem cell research, I think you're thinking of potential benefits and calling them "benefits".

Here's the Conservapedia entry for ketchup:

"Ketchup was declared a vegetable on March 9, 1981 so public schools could include it in their balanced meal plan. After a volcano of negative publicity, this was quickly changed."

It is like crack, yes. But they don't have enough topics yet. Lazy conservatives--Arbeit mach frei!

I hate that bastard.

Bentham stipulated in his will that his preserved corpse be on permanent display at University College, London -- the college he founded and the first to admit dissenters (i.e., non C-of-E types, Jews, e.g.) so that future generations devoted to his principles of "happiness and morals" can genuflect before his remains. The college has hewed to the will, so that if you look around long enough you will find under a staircase a big glass case, about the size of Dr. Who's Tardis, with the grisly figure of Bentham (with a wax-works head; the remains of his actual head are in box under his chair) seated at a table with his glasses and a letter in front of him. Apparently for a number of years, soon-to-be graduates fo the college would disinter him and place his remains in various places throughout the college -- in lecture halls, closets, etc.

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