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March 13, 2007


The man has put politics over the law and he is therefore not fit to serve in the capacity of a lawyer. I wonder if he can be disbarred.

Between this guy and Cheney...I'm really on the fence as to who would win in a "Scariest Scowl" contest. I mean, do either of those guys smile? Ever? Of course, if life as you know it was crashing in around you and all your buddies were being fired/prosecuted/eaten by Karl Rove...you'd probably be a bit scowly too.

Am I missing a nuance here?

At his presser today, Gonzo took full responsibility for the federal prosecutor purge, but not the blame.

how does one take "full responsibility" and not take "the blame"? I really have to know how this works because I want to use it in the future.

Isn't it funny how "strict constructionist" folks are? That is, until you mention that, you know, political contributions by corporations should be banned...

Taking responsibility without taking the blame is business as usual with this administration. They should have been taught better in elementary school. Thats what I'm working on with my kids right now.

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