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March 06, 2007


Tank scholar? Does that mean when he goes down, he stays down?

"Tank scholar," does that mean he's a tread head and knows how to bust him some track? Oh, yeah, forgot, this crew never served a day in their life. Guess that's why IT WAS SO EASY FOR THEM TO LIE US INTO THIS WAR!

Prison won't stop him for think tanking, I mean, tank thinking. Oh, whatever - with a name like "Scooter" he's going to have a hell of a time in the big joint.

He just reminds me of someone that has eaten too many carrots.

Never. Conservatives are already clamoring for his pardon and christening him a hero.

You see, in wingnutville, if you don't rat your friends out, you are a hero even when the act is treason. Thus to G Gordon Liddy, Nixon is still a hero.

Maybe he'll get lucky and get Dirty "Rod Majors" Sanchez for a cellmate?

Sanchez will definitely enjoy that. According to the jury, Scooter is tons of fun!!!

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