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March 28, 2007


This is what Democracy looks like!!!11!

Vote for Sanjaya or the terrorists win. Hey, I cried when Sanjaya sang his version of "You Really Got Me" too.

But let us not dismiss CryingGrrl as some simple Sanjaya fangirl. CryingGrrl is, according to the background story, a Child of the Tear unparalleled in the hysteria of the lachrymose. CryingGrrl cries when someone adjusts the thermostat. CryingGrrl weeps bitter tears of sadness when the sky is grey and weeps again in joy when a bit o' blue pokes through. To CryingGrrl, all the world is wet and salty.

CryingGrrl illustrates the genius of the producers of American Idol, those clever nabobs of sickly sweet sentimentality, who spotted her in full cry on her way to another show and scooped her up before her tears were wasted on "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? And CryingGrrl will weep on in our hearts long after Sanjaya is busted on a morals charge in Pasadena for molesting eight year old boys.

Wait...so if I vote for arguably the worst performer on TV...I might bring the entire crappy concept of reality shows to a screeching halt?

What's it cost again?

So far it's free, actor212. But I hear the producers are going to make it a ten cent charge soon so that the VotefortheWorst.com site and the organized effort to make the worst singer the winner doesn't win. If you want to spend a few dollars, go to IdolChat and buy their auto-dialer thingy that will enable you to vote many, many times without lifting too many fingers. That is the technology that has elevated Sanjaya to such heights despite the fact that: he has a thin, shitty voice, he can't interpret a song, he has no stage presence, and he has little talent.

The results show is tonight and I expect Sanjaya to return. I expect blogtopia to go crazy when he remains on the show.

And, as always, I expect that Crying Grrl will cry. If there were a write-in category for AI, I would write-in CryingGrrl. Long live CryingGrrl!

What is this "American Idol" you speak of?

Pope Benny should know, most of his predecesors are in Hell.

yes, actor212 - and I expect you all do your patriotic duty and vote Sanjaya - or else as DBK said, the terrorists will win.

I'm with Fade, sort of. In the 5 years Idol has been on, I think I've seen no more than 60 seconds of it. Yeah, I'm uncultured, but not ashamed in this case.

Man.... that guy looks like he's been through one of Electrode Al's Gitmo interrogation sessions.


Sanjaya is safe for another week.

The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in his heaven— All's right with the world!

Praise Jebus. We are safe from the terrorists for yet another day.

Thank you! Ever since one reviewer mentioned his "seven-braid mohawk", I've been looking for a picture. Totally strange.

I have been delirious with the flu since Monday, so I have missed all this ... so the little hack survived.

I'm still confused...I vote for the brown person and the terrorists lose?

Wow. I may have to support Barack Osama.

MSNBC christened this guy's do "The Fauxhawk". What a goofball!

He wants to be the new Michael Jackson...Gawd only knows why.

But we're not done with the old Michael Jackson yet. Shit. Life in a consumer society. Just throw things away before you're done using them and get a new one. Just because the old Michael Jackson is a little tarnished, what with all that boy touching and all, is no reason to get a new boy toucher.

Um, not that I heard Sanjaya was a boy toucher or anything like that. That's just me busting on him, but I don't have any reason to believe he is anything but a nice kid with bad taste, a thin, mediocre voice, and the charisma of a shoe on the side of the road.

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