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April 19, 2007


This poll makes me feel empowerful!

Axe not what your country can do for you...

Snow day!

Don't forget that Wolfie has bad sock days everyday...and uses that spitty comb...and the Goddess only knows what else...oh yeah...he picks his nose! Naw...I think the Wolfman will go first since the torches and pitchforks are already in play.

I think Wolfowitz, because he's actually playing with fellers who don't cotton to him much, whereas Gonzo is a Muppet with someone else's hand up his butt.

This poll makes me feel empowerful!

Posted by: Tata

It embiggens me, too!

Wolfie - because the worlkd bank seesm to be a more serious organization than the US government...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that photo's from their "Donner Party" re-enactment and they're deciding who's going to do The Right Thing so everyone else can survive...

I hadda change my vote, because as one of Fox's pundits put it today, it was like a baby-seal clubbing...

Can't we get rid of both of them?

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