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May 25, 2007


Clearly they didn;t mean leave...

Bush! "LEAVE!"

Now we can start calling him Tommy

They didn't say Simon says!

Deaf and Dumb NOT.


check this link...... this why the Dems are FOR an open-ended Occupation.

Analysis of the funding bill, and not a single bullet or armored vehicle funded by this bill will be delivered before 08'!!

A minimum of 12-18 mos, for the FIRST delivery.

So ,literally, all those Dems who said the had to vote for the bill to "support the troops"??

Just falling for another neo-con "red herring".

sorry, heres the link.....

If the troops leave, 100,000 civilian contractors have to leave too. Dick Cheney is NOT going to let that happen to his own people. Once the oil is flowing at max rate and everything is dandy, then....no wait....we're NEVER LEAVING!!

Of course we are not leaving. The montrosity of an embassy is proof of that. Clinton and Obama have both said that as president the US will maintain forces.
btw: our purpose there is not to get oil flowing, it is to stop oil flowing so that Saudi Arabia continues control of supply and price.

...and any member of the WH staff involved in the Plame outting was to be removed also. Must be more hidden caveats.

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