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May 01, 2007


Wouldn't Mr. Rumsfeld like to donate his consultancy fees to the cause? While he's sitting at the Pentagon shredding documents, little Iraqi children need school supplies and freaking skin grafts.

Brilliant! I'll send a note to the cluck. What the hell was he doing when the war was being sold in the first place? Pretty quiet then, huh?

It wouldn't be enough sadly.

Tenet was happy to play ball back then and go along with the plan. Now that the whole thing is a deadly disaster, well he isn't so happy any more. Maybe he should save the money in case any of his buddies needs bail money some day.

This guy reminds me of Bobby Knight. Total egomaniacs can't get the job done. Takes humility to defend America.

I like the way everyone is now coming out with "I tried to tell them - honest I did!" type statements made for mass consuption...

Tenet is a coward and a Benedict Arnold. He ignroned his job and now that things look terrible he is trying to distance himself from the fact that he helped start this shit with his bullcrap...

Like these people have a conscience.

Benedict Arnold, indeed.

Perhaps we should take a vote on who will be the next former adminstration official to spill his/her guts for a book deal?

Pathetic, vain little man. Good job Tenie! Head of American intelligence is a perfect icon of America's reality and the state of remotness from the history of truth.

These people don't care about the truth or our opinions or anything but their own self service and protecting their power.

I think Pete Seeger said fascism is when the generals are used to keep the government in power. We are seeing our resources used for the few, the elite. Not the good of our country.

I guess MCCS1977 is closed up? I cant get there and now I am thinking it isn't me.

Look at this little children,as he know about Sadam..as he know about bush..but he is get affected because of the war..Don't spoil the public and children's life for your sake..At least try to pay for your mistakes Mr.Bush...
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