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May 11, 2007


The Mr. Clean Dry Eraser will get rid of those marks. And probably the bench, too.

Well he was for benchmarks during the cliton years, then changed - is he changing again?

FLIP FLOP! - lulz

I prefer to call him the idiot king - boy is not precise enough ;)

See...binchmarks...heh heh...they're kinda like notches in the bedpost...heh heh...means Ah gots some last night...

Wait, I thought the Iraq war ended in April because the Democrats refused to send the President the bill he wanted and the troops went without funding...they're troops are already home aren't they?

**the, not "they're"**

Look, bench marks are marks. On a bench. A time table, on the other hand, is a table of time. A time table is playing into the enemies' hands. Hands of the enemy. A bench mark is marking a bench.

Get it? It's hard work.


Yeah, quite so.


Well said! Now, can we table the time and mark the benches, and adjourn this administration?

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