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June 18, 2007


I am speechless. Those poor children.

Some overgrown primitive temple wants its angry idol back.

Sorry - not sure who they are - but they look hot ;)

Now, what I can't figure out...is she dressed like a figureskater or a Vegas hooker off the Strip?


That's the inestimable...seriously, she comes really cheap...Pamela (Geller) Atlass and her pitbull daughter who, anytime ANYONE posts something against her mom tries to deflect it.

Makes having sex with Pam an adventure, I'm sure.

Blogenfreude asked me where I got the pic. At her blog, of course. Why wouldn't she post that? She wore it, didn't she.

Not making up the shit about the bat mitzvah, either.

Speechless ... still ...

Are they from the OC? eeeks.

Was John Bolton doing the eulogy? I mean, giving a blessing?

who is this?

catherine: she could definitely be a castmember of "the real housewives of orange county".


But only as the realtor desperate to sell a house...

Overheard at the Bat Mitzvah:

"Oy! Another nipple slip!"

"Mooo-ooom. That's your STUPID floral pattern."

"Hush, bubbeleh. There's paparazzi."

I see Trenton is missing another hooker.



I don't get it, that lady is so smoking, she can wear that to my Bris.

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