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July 15, 2007


Tom Monaghan is an extraordinary and accomplished man by any standard. The corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor was/is beautiful, but one must ask how such a reactionary, right wing religious fanatic managed to reach such heights in liberal Ann Arbor MI. and Burlington, VT.? It is a shame that such talent remains in the thrall of an Opus Dei religious fanaticism. Somehow, hair shirts, puncture bands and fond memories of orphanage Sister Mary Wack-em Hard seems far-a-field from good time beer and pizza. Perhaps with a bit more humility he might have truly understood C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity."

Anybody who would order a chain pizza in NYC is committing the sin of sloth to a truly deadly degree. Go thou unto Vinnie's at 285 Amsterdam and order an anchovy pizza (we'll refrain from comments along the line of "No anchovies—I spell my name Danger"). They'll make thee one that tastes even better than a coal-oven-baked novena.

Freude...DOMINO'S???? IN the city???? As Tirebiter points out, that's like, well, like drinking Starbucks here!

And take your mucklucks out of the cellophane before they get scorched!

Now...my sin...I confess to smoking big fat honking Monte Cristo Habana cigars, right from the source, provided to me by a fat cat Republican (paleo-conservative, so I think it only requires two Hail Marys).

I know, I know ... but they get the crust right, and they deliver it fast. Most of the other places deliver when they're not so busy. I'll mend my ways, I promise.

This year, I ate veal. And a reconstituted pommes gratin.

Oh, the karma...

I drive an SUV...I am not proud of this...I don't drive it much...once a week...but I have to because son is 6-6, and I can't fit him in a prius....I wish I could...but I still feel ashamed...Now Blogenfreude about the Pizza, hell I will get in my car and take you for decent pizza...make you my own special pizza...but you can not live there and eat Dominoes...oh, the horror...

Out here in the suburbs it is hard to find politically correct pizza but I echo the comments about being in New York. In Houston I could always get a spinach garlic from Star Pizza.

I confess, I live two blocks away from Wal-Mart and sometimes the convenience gets the better of me.

Geez, I live in BFE and still get my pizza from the little shop on the corner.

The only think I do that I can think of that sounds really republican is send my kids to private school for reasons of race. But its because the public school is all white.

Man, they're really letting you have it over that pizza confession.

I've been known to shop at Urban Outfitters over the years. The president of UO is Richard Haynes, an arch-conservative who has donated millions to the GOP. The most recent recipient of his cash was Saint Santorum.

Will two Hail Mary's and an Our Father be a sufficient penance?

Not a single GOP-ian or libertarian "free market" vice in my repertoire, I suppose mainly because I've not reaped any profits from the war machine over the past several years. Fuck it, who needs unnecessary consumption?

I have to confess, that sometimes I get so frustrated with being a liberal, I get drunk on Chivas Regal and stagger down the street to pummel homeless people. Once they are subdued enough, I explain to them how they should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and quit relying on the gov't to take care of them.

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