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July 04, 2007


Though it's "got all the power any reasonable mid-sized car." I think he had to have it pegged.

Happy 4th.

Fox News will run with this Gore story for the next week, at least. Hell, I want my next car to be a souped-up Prius.

Note that Gore's not running to bail his son out, or is the judge letting him go because of his political connections. Democrats do their time (Martha Stewart, anyone?) while Republicans moan about "personal responsibility" and "accountability" and "law and order", then use their clout to get sentences comuted or pardoned (Richard Nixon, Scooter Libby).

Obviously, the Prius was running on biodiesel made from hemp...

Remind me to wear a helmet next Earth Day.

Obviously, the Prius was running on biodiesel made from hemp...

And soy milk.

The video was really good. Not as depressing as one would have thought.

I drive a hybrid at work, and while it takes a while for the computer to figure out you wanna go and turn on the gas engine (about a second); once that gas engine is on, it just keeps going. Haven't found the top end yet. Of course there's no freeways on my route, so I haven't been able to go much above about 55 mph without drawing police attention...
That said, at 100mph the gas engine would be going full blast-no 60 mpg there.
What would it be like to be stuck in traffic between a biodiesel and a biodiesel hemp oil burner?
Damn! Why do I always got the munchies?

Bush lied us into war and little Joshie just happened to be noting the number of casualties on his way poolside to begin indoctrinating his little boy before the tot even learns to swim.

I wonder what would happen to Josh if ever loosened his grip on the BIG LIE--that Bush lied us into war--so then maybe he could see a few details with fresh eyes.

You guys do know that the famous "16 words" were not only true, but delivered AFTER congress had voted in favor of the use of force?

Chung sweetie, at this point no colonic is gonna get that stuff out of your hair.

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