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July 13, 2007


I agree; let's pour as much salt in that wound as possible...hee-hee.

~Oh, and what he did is also illegal. Just sayin'.~

No, no, no! Don't you realize yet that laws do NOT apply to Republicans and/or the rich.

To mis-quote Leona Helmsley, laws are for the little people.

File Dionne under the header:

Useful, but not Hackish, Idiot.

Sorry E.J. mi amigo, the G.O.Piggies started thees, now they should reap their well-deserveded bounty.


Maybe now's the time to challenge the legal prohibitions on prostitution. Republicans might even get on board for this. Legal prostitution is pure free market economics, just don't try to unionize the workers...

There's a good motto we should live by in such an instance. WWRD? What would Republicans do?

We know what they would do. They would impeach for a blowjob. Why should we back down for someone who did something much, much worse and illegal? To be nice? As they say, nice guys finish last. The voters say they like positive campaigning, but the reality is very different. We should attack these sons of bitches with everything we have.

If we boot Vitter, what will we do with all these adult diapers?

"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

What part of this is unclear?

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