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July 06, 2007


Keep tipping: it came from Enrevanche, where the deer and the antelope play reindeer games.

Thank you, Ether Bunny! Bok! Bok!

Jah, he puts der Grope in der Gropenfuhrer!

That is some funny stuff. The life was tragic at times, but that obit is a riot.

He never married? Well, duh.

No one can pen an insult like the British. Count Shitfried von Bismarck-Douchehausen certainly didn't age well. The guy looks about 60.

Poor fellow...and that head...mein Gott! Auch du lieben...or something to that effect.

Is it right that such a lout had such money, power and security? No.

All we have is the comfort of a bitchy Telegraph obit. Not enough for me.

Sure, Doodle. We should have the comfort of stuffing his ratty fishnets for throw pillows.

If they were homosexual orgies, who's that chica rubbing her cans on his arm?

He never married...

The argument that homosexuality is in the end a choice. How could it not be?

I dunno, Jose...if that's your argument, I think you're going to make a weak case using von Bismarck's lack of connubial ties, given his lifelong homosexual dalliances...

Saying the obvious aren't they?

Sounds like the author was a teensy bit jealous at never being invited to the Count's social events...

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