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July 28, 2007


That thing makes a Pinto look highly desirable.

Oh, G-d--the dreaded AMC Matador! Hideoous, and my first car. I was just mentioning my first auto to a friend the other day, and some repression occurred; I recalled it as a Maverick, which, along with the Pinto, was the cheap knockoff of the Mustang.

Alas, no. The first wasn't even the base Maverick. It was the uber-grotesque Matador. At the time, I remember thinking the the Pacer and Gremlin were quite acceptable. I must smile on that, now.

Because it was a fat, bloated silhouette, a country friend of mine actually mistook the Matador for a Camero, another saucer-like, fat profile car. But the Camero had some pizazz. Not so the homely Matador.

They all make excellent planters. Picture it: a little sod, a nice variety of varietals, and some herbs...

Don't eat those.

Hey now! One of my favorite cars growing up was our American Motors Ambassador!

Moved like a fish, accelerated like a fish, steered like a cow! Sneeze on the gas pedal and you were doing ninety.


Ah, the Ambassador. Thanks, I had forgotten about all of that. It did wander all over the lane, with about a 5" give to the steering, left or right. And like the B-52's song, big as a whale, though they were considered compact, I think. At least the Gremlin and Pacer.

They are all such hideous designs, except one I recall the boys like to deck out--the Javelin, maybe? Usually issued in purple, as i recall. Maybe just the name and color's what got them, like the Probe.

Mine was done in flying down the road at 55, when a drunken friend knocked the gearshift into reverse.

The car on the bottom is beautiful.

Actually, the Edsel was a fine car; just a clunker of a name.

Lisa, there was the Javelin (awesome looking car, and from what I heard, it would make my Ambassador stand still with the 390 cu in V-8), but also the AMX, which had a slightly shorter wheelbase.

I wished my dad had bought that instead, but hey, he had to cart around three kids.

The car on the bottom is beautiful.

The car on the bottom is so hideous that, if I were blind, I could hear the ugly.

I love the looks of that car on the bottom.


I keep revisiting out of some weird homage to the beast, a medium blue job with slightly rusted white pebbled vinyl roof, which to this day I cannot bear as a color in a car.

You are right, the AMX was kind of sporty, and I would not have minded one. Even today, as I look back, that would have been quite passable. Not so the Javelin, or any of the others, not for a girl, at least.

They reside under the umbrella of "guys" cars, like the Big Fish Barracuda. Girls want cute and petite; men are seeking maximum rear bench seat width.

(Hence Ranger's fondness for his '62 Bonneville.)

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