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August 07, 2007


I like the part of that process where you pass out from fumes in a airplane toilet and no one notices.

Dude, as long as airlines serve drinks we are totally safe from TATP.

I fly first class so I can be far away from the fumes, myself.

And what if you're flying coach? Think the flight attendants are really going to part with an ice/champagne bucket in coach/economy?
I don't think so...

In coach, "several trips" would be way too conspicuous, since you pretty much have to stand in line. Plus anything that takes several hours has to have a much simpler alternative. This idea would be rejected as soon as its told.

Gee, we're all becoming experts in terrorism scenarios, aren't we?


Oh, in first class, we have stewardessess...none of this PC "flight attendant" crap...fan the air and spray our favorite cologne to knock the smell of the unwashed masses out of the air. As for ice buckets...we have our hand delivered by eskimos.

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