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August 02, 2007


Isn't there a Very Serious Person who will say that this president and his administration are a complete fucking failure?

Well, there was James Baker, but he was largely discredited after breaking with Butcher and Candlestickmaker.

"sentient being (except Dick Cheney)" It would be a grave mistake to assume Cheney is sentient. He is, after all, know as the Chenackula.

Shrill. I like it.

Now now, Agit...you know damned well that sports trumps all in America! After all, if we didn't have those contest which pit gladiator against gladiator, we might have to bake more bread!

Wait -- a blue state or red state? That makes all the difference.

blogenfreude, you do a weary heart good. Thanks.

great post....and I can't believe that the media does get that MAYBE all of our Infrastructure money is really over in Iraq....gee there is a thought...not rocket science..just reality....

As soon as I heard that a 2005 structural study of the bridge had found problems with it then a subsequently commissioned study had not a highly plausible scenario was immediately evident: problems with the bridge, the creators of the second study leaned on to give it the all clear because there's no money to do the work needed while Bush and his gang of maniacs spend a trillion dollars killing people in the Middle East.

why build bridges over here when we can build bridges over there???

"Hasn't there been enough death?"-----Not until Bush and Cheney are worm brunch!

I certainly feel the same way you do about this, and the destruction of our infrastructure, but this didn't happen over night, or when George Bush took office. This started in 1980s with Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush. I know many of you think of Bill as saint Bill, but NAFTA, GATT, and the continuation of Deregulation and privatization continued during his time.

I used to drive tour buses, and I have watched bigger and bigger semis, and heavier loads hitting the roads. larger numbers of trucks on the highway, which has almost destroyed the railroads because in the past they hauled the heavy loads, and even as late as the 70s cities were pretty well connected to the railroads. All that extra weight is buckling highways causing that irritating Click, Click, Click, as you drive down the road.

finally it is conservative ideology that prevents them from fixing roads. Reactionaries react. If it ain't broke don't fix it. They knew about the levies in New Orleans for over 10 years, and did nothing about it. They have known about these bridges for 20 years and have done nothing about it. Only when it becomes a crisis will they do anything about it.

Personally I dont see a change with the next election. The front runners in both parties are going to keep up with the same failed policies, and to keep us quite they will continue to fight over wedge issues that they will never really do anything about.


why build bridges over here when we can build bridges over there???

Posted by: Comandante Agi

I'm surprised Halliburton hasn't concocted a scheme whereby they sell Iraq our old crumbling infrastructure, bill us for the sale, then never bother to deliver the bridges.

Well you know, you live with the bridges you HAVE, not the bridges you WISH you had (e.g., ones that don't collapse). As long as no elites were hurt by the collapse, it's OK in the shrub's book. Hey blogen, when did you get as dirty a mouth as me? I'm impressed at your f-bombing!


Not to put too fine a point to your post, but it was Reagan who deregulated the trucking industry, paving the way for the double trailers and increased load capacities.


You are right. I probably should have made that point a little clearer.


ooooooops I meant actor212!


Government officials should be careful while constructing, permitting these levees. It is not even acceptable these kind of infrastructural problems in world's richest country...
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