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August 25, 2007


well, I guess since his reality show was cancelled he has a new hobby- harrassing and threatening people...but here is the thing- I checked the Secret Service website- seems not many are awarded the protection anyways- not boxer, or feinstein...if any of us did this kind of thing we would be in some trouble....

There is something wrong with Ted. At one point Dubya did encourage him to just keep doing what he's doing.... not sure how far that encouragement extends.

Nugent lives near President George W. Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, and said he caught Bush's attention at his private inauguration party in 2000. "When he noticed me, he was surrounded by these huge bankrollers from his campaign. He literally swept past all of them and said, 'Laura! Look who's here! It's Ted!' Then he hugged me and took me by the shoulders. He said, 'Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't think that we don't know what you're up to out here. Stay on course.'"

Alas, only the true bush fan base remains.

This is the guy who wa so terrified by the thought of serving in Vietnam that he literally stopped showering or using tp after a bathroom stop...and he's a manly man support-the-troops hero? I just cannot understand. Amazing.

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