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August 19, 2007


As if I haven't been having enough bad dreams about the Wendys ... THANKS Blue Gal!

Watch out for kids with supernumerary feelings of entitlement. And thumbs.

I'm not that worried about the kid, he'll have Grandpa to "beliterate" him and Grandma can teach him all about hiding the smell of gin and how to self-inject Botox. Mom and Aunt Babs can show him the ins and outs of getting kicked out of a foreign country - and I'm sure Daddy Cousin will love him in spite of his eyes being abnormally too close together.

Someone please assure me Jenna or the guy is sterile. The beasts must not reproduce anything.

Can hardly wait for baby pumpkin head!

Buenos Aires just breathed a sigh of relief - it's pretty much certain she won't be going back to Argentina now that she's engaged.

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