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August 09, 2007


Poor, poor, Pam. I could almost summon up a tear...

Would not surprise me.

I think a prerequisite these days for being a Conservative Republican Loyal Bushie is to be a Criminal.

Wonder what she`ll wear for the perp walk?

Federal prison will be glamorous with the addition of Pammy and her Bedazzler.

Can you get a babysitter for 3-5?

Blogenfreude you know she'll wear her same ol' -- a push up bra and bling. And if she's lucky, Bolton on her arm.

I can imagine the outraged tone of voice she summoned up from the depths of her D cups...but my sense is, she was in on the fraud.

I mean, c'mon...the only thing she's told is her ex is under investigation and she "bursts into tears"?

That tells me that, at the very least, she knew this was in the hopper and had been worried about it long enough to have it agonize her, and at the very worst, she knew about it because she was involved, at least tangentially. Hey, she probably gets a cut of the profit from the business, so...

I hear orange looks good with boobs.

Waaaaaaa. Pity

Damn, someone needs some aloe vera gel for that sunburn and some heavy-duty conditioner for that frizzy mop-top. She will definitely be a walking target if she leaves the house looking like that.

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