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August 01, 2007


Wait. Who gets that money? If it's the Treasury, I bet they load and re-loot.

how about jail time instead?

No personal checks. Not from a Bush voter.

Considering where the dollar is headed these days...I'll take gold bullion or black pepper.

Now hold on thar, son! That there is what you call a "double tax", a tax ON a tax, like a sales tax or the fact that you tax muh deevidends!

I am guilt free with two proud votes against the idiot. Each time one of our news pundits suggests that Gore is too heavy to run for President the hair stands up on the back of my head. If only six years ago Gore did what we elected him to do so much of this lunacy could have been avoided.

The bush voters of 2000 are fools.

The bush voters of 2004 are idiots. They are the ones to NEVER BE FORGIVEN. Send all of those able to get to the polls unassisted to Iraq or Afghanistan. Send all of those that couldn't to bushlandia and build a huge thick wall around them.

I have no use for any of them. THEY ARE NOT MY FELLOW CITIZENS. THEY ARE THE ENEMY of this country and its people.

Along with their checks, the numbskulls should include a note of apology, to be tucked into a prosthetic limb purchased for a wounded soldier with these funds.

nobody voted for him , we all just assume someone , somewhere did.
They didn't either.
I think the term is "bloodless coup" ,
and the country has never been the same since.
Al Gore IS President of the USA !
[of course , Saddam Hussein is president of Iraq , Aristede is President of Haiti ,etc etc]

The Larges Robbery in History of the Taxpayer's Treasury is not over yet. Bush and his band of criminal Fascist's have 17 months to go. Watch em!

I'd rather see the ENTIRE government fraud investigated for crimes past and present, and have the perpetrators pay us back every penny, with interest. Problem is, to do this, you'd have to elect a whole new government, and one from outside the current "leadership" in Washington.

Wait. Who gets that money?

Heh - once they get their paws on that $1 trillion they'll double down it for Operation Iranian Freedom. Bring on the Guns of August!

Republicans & Democrates both are the same crooked, spinless, and bought and paid for. The real enemy of the American people are in Washington. Time for a new Party. We have 2 cowards that were afraid to fight in Vietnam wrecking Havoc on the world Bush & Cheeny

Ping by way of Raw Story!

Abraham - The Hypocalypse!

Sweet! I need a new car.

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