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August 04, 2007


It looks like the perfect vehicle for somebody that needs to over compensate for other definciencies in their life.

What a wonderful way to continue to fund the guys who flew planes into the Towers...

My gawd, that is one ugly piece of shit. Why did Nissan do it? Their other cars are so wonderful (like my sentra). yeah, way to fund the "terrists," Nissan.

You drink clam juice?!?

You drink clam juice?!?

I make clam sauce.

They should'a called it the 'Armadilla.'

Is that bearded clam sauce, sir?

That's ugly, alright. Not Scion ugly, maybe not even Hummer ugly, but ugly.

Hell yeah, it got hit full-on with the ugly stick...it, any flavor of Hummer, and the Pontiac Aztek can all step up to the ugly podium, thank you.

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