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August 03, 2007


Really good post....and it kind of sums it all up don't it....gee who would have thunk that 6 years of hell could pile up like this....They all need to be impeached...indicted...imprisoned....( like the picture...)Happy Blog Month- ( its 2 years this month-right?)

OMG did you do that image?

Nope - stole it from here.

i don't even know what winning that war is supposed to look like. what was the objective again? something like safety at home?


Dude, what universe are you living in?

Dude, what universe are you living in?

Each day. So far they haven't yet figured out how to spend a billion dollars in 24 hours, but I bet they're working on it.

Pelosi already made up her mind that Mmmmmmm....PeachMint is a waste of time. Dang!

A Billion a day, now that would truly be an accomplishment!

Yea, but it's very close to a billion dollars a day.

Think about it: the war has been going on over four years now, so let's call it $1500. We've spent nearly a trillion dollars. So that's about $667 million a day.

Close enough for jazz in my book.

Errr, I mean, 1500 days not $

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