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August 30, 2007


I was trying to figure out the whole "foot tapping" thing, not being a gay male who frequents rest rooms.

I thought it might be Morse Code, but your video brought it all home for me!

In the dark, unfunny Brad Hall/Julia Louis-Dreyfus SNL years, there was a bit where men in stalls did barbershop harmonizing. You saw only their innocent dancing feet. Having lived with a band of rent boys, I said, "Mmm. Saucy."

omg...the craig one is just too funny, and almost educational....and the Vitter one is just sad...because frankly as much as we joke...well, I for one would not trust that woman alone with a drawer full of sharp knives if I were Vitter....( let's hope she doesn't have Lorena on speed dial)

so, i talked to Operation Yellow Elephant. They seemed surprised when i told them i've been talking to recruiters about going to Iraq as a second lieutenant after i graduate. You think i can hide my love for you and avoid the "dont' ask don't tell" policy?

Like tapping into the subconscious, dude.

Like tapping into the subconscious, dude.

Poor Lay. Always biting off more than he can chew.

Hm, might explain the lack of penises in the Republican party...

It's getting too hard to keep up with all the Gopperverts. I may throw up some kind of a site just to keep score.

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