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September 10, 2007


Popcorn, stat!

Paging Lorena Bobbit...

Hate to burst anyone's balloon, but I've taken lie detector tests. I lied each time and passed with flying colors. The only thing required is a realization they can't possibly know if you're lying or not. Once you realize that, you relax and just lie like Bush.

If I can do it, a hooker sure as hell can do it too.

That's why lie detectors aren't allowed in courts as evidence. They don't necessarily work.

No, the tests weren't part of a criminal investigation.

Damn, I've destroyed my street cred, not to mention my mystique.


However, since Yow/Cortez was not charged with any criminal activity, there's no point or purpose in her lying, and polygraph tests HAVE been shown admissible in non-criminal matters like, say, divorce cases, police investigations and job applications.

oh, that will be perfect.

let's see Vitter explain away this one.


9/11! Petraeus report! Osama tape!


Uh, one million bucks?.

She sure as hell has an incentive to lie. However, I seriously doubt she did.

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