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September 25, 2007


Ladies are always afraid someone else at the function will be wearing the same dress.

Buck up, princess!

Bush wouldn't even address Iran at the UN, despite their "grave threat to our national security"


Funny, but I seem to recall a world leader who represented a genuine, rather than a fake, threat to the US. Somebody named "Stalin" or something, and he was followed by somebody named "Kruschev" or something. And darned if US presidents didn't treat with them directly as if the presidents were grown-ups and able to work with others.

Bubble-boy and his entire administration conduct foreign policy like a bunch of frat boys putting together a cotillion. "Waaahl, this here's how we do it in Texas, y'all."

How I yearn for the days when we had adults in the White House, not some dry drunk and his crew of thieves and liars and frat boys.

I think the problem with Bush facing Ahmadinejad is that they might be too chummy. Mr. A. discourses on things GWB might just believe. Here we have intellectual parity among presidents. Our dear leader might be a bit too credulous.

"'One woman = 1/2 of a man' -- sounds 'bout right to me." This might remove some of GWB's gusto for opening the next front, and Mr. Cheney can't have that.

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