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September 04, 2007


Obviously, sir, you haven't enjoyed the luxury of an extra ply.

That's just so wrong and sadly so American.

Three ply in four part harmony.

I have no problem with this.

Yes, but can you wipe in time?

I've sung bits of his Messiah. Especially challenging to sing is (I kid you not) "All We Like Sheep."

So I was surprised earlier this year to read that some think the oratorio had an anti-Semitic message. I've seen arguments both for and against that position, and haven't made up my mind.

Is nothing sacred?

No. Nothing is sacred.

This has been another edition of short answers etc.

Hey, Joel, don't treat Nothing so flippantly.

It is sacred.

It's where you came from and it's where you're headed.

Yes, but can you wipe in time?

Posted by: catherine

Well, judging by my crotch rot...no.


Really, I'm surprised it took that long. I'm sure it's been used before, although not for toilet paper.

Hey, I even get offended when I hear real songs from the 60's by the Kinks and the Rolling Stones used in commercials. (At least The Who admitted they were Selling Out, LOL!).

Seriously, the juxtaposition of The Messiah with toilet paper is particularly egregious.

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