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September 15, 2007


I'd say Vitter has a lot of "little" problems and the hooker is probably the least of them. I'm confused as to why he'd cop to one hooker, but not another.

Oh well, it's not like he's well known for his intellectual powers.

so I have a question,do the Repugs have sexual deviancy issues?...and when they fall out of the closet it is not because they were having just an affair, is it always Something, even a "little something" that is a little out of the ordinary....totally creepy...

"little something" does this refer to what was in the diaper?

You make sure you stay on top of Vitter, Freude!

"Little something"...see this is why Democrats don't have sex scandals until they are President. We're too well hung for women to blab about and risk losing...

She looks like she's about to cry...I wonder if I could comfort her?

Lie-detectors are worthless.

Not at all, Salvor. Police departments across the country use them to eliminate suspects. They're not admissible in court, but that doesn't mean they aren't accurate enough for this purpose.

This one goes out to Senator Pampers!

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