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October 09, 2007


Listen, all she's got going for her now is her hair and boobs, so don't be too hasty on this...

I don't think a bra will help ...

Oh yeah, like that's going to happen.

Maybe if we put the bra over those glowing eyes...

No. No, really. There's nothing wrong with Pammy that Playtex could fix, cross my heart!

See "pencil test," definition #2.

Yes. Get her a bra; get the rest of us barf bags.

Jeebus, keep posting those, and I'm going to start identifying as gay.

I dunno, Tata...what if we stuffed a sports bra in her mouth?

Now now let's not advocate violence, even if Pammy would say the same thing about me and then some.

A dyslexic walks into a bra!

Who said violence?

I figure that's foreplay for her.

Even Pammy's picture is loud.

How's that work?

FOr the love of God someone send her a jar of cold cream with that bra and tell her you're supposed to remove the eye makeup after you sleep in it and it drips down your face.

Put the bra on her head and start a new Mickey Mouse Club.

I'm so out of the loop.. who is this?

I'm so out of the loop.. who is this?

I'm so out of the loop.. who is this?

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